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We have therapists that can work part-time or full time depending upon the school needs. Our therapists are trained for Social Emotional development for all ages and can provide private therapy through Individual Education Program services.
Image of child having trouble reading

Dyslexia/Reading Training

Integrated Education Services has adopted the Lively Letters Reading program for use with all of our reading deficit students. Lively Letters program was developed by a group of Speech and Language professionals. It is considered an intervention program that is multisensorial. All aspects of the reading process are covered through music, hand, and body movements.
Teacher working with a child on occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

We provide a registered Occupational Therapist who evaluates the students and then develops goals for those who qualify. The Occupational Therapist also supervises the Occupational Therapist Assistance that provides the services to the students. Many of our client schools have allowed our company to arrange a sensory room for all students. Our sensory specialist assist students with executive functioning, handwriting, and social groups.
Techer working with child on speech therapy

Speech Evaluations Bi-Lingual Evaluations

The purpose of a speech-language evaluation is to determine your child’s strengths and challenges related to communication.
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Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a major public health concern. Our trained staff will provide the warning signs, risk factors, treatments and therapies and will assist in developing an intervention plan for your school.