Special Education Services


Special Education Teachers

Integrated Education Services provides online and face to face sessions for students in educational settings and for students that are home due to medical conditions and homeschooled. 

We provide qualified, certified general education and special education professionals to meet specific needs as outlined in the student's Individual Education Program Plan.  Our teachers gather data to track progress for each student and ensure that services are delivered in the most cost-effective delivery system.

Our teachers provide Specially Designed Instruction to special education students.  Teachers also coordinate accommodations in the general education classroom.  Complete Individual Education Programs and Multidisciplinary Ev

Online and Face to Face


Speech and Language


Integrated Education Services provides fully certified and licensed speech assistants, therapists, and pathologists.  Our professionals provide clinical services to school-aged children adults and or individuals with developmental delays or other special needs who have or are suspected of having a communication disorder.

Online and Face to Face



Dyslexic Reading Interventionist

Our trained Dyslexia Interventionist will be able to develop an intensive reading program to provide pre special education interventions.  The screeners that are utilized by schools must include:

Our Reading Interventionist can work with your students through Tier 2 and 3 to assist with building the reading skills he or she will need to be successful.




Mindfulness has increased popularity across a wide variety of areas including the mental health setting, education, home, parenting, military, law enforcement, and chronic pain.  Indeed, any person interested in decreasing stress and increasing overall satisfaction can benefit from Mindfulness practice.


Integrated Education Services can educate your teachers in this practice or provide services directly to the children.  Mindfulness is a proven successful implementation for Social-Emotional issues.


Contract Services

School Psychologist

Occupational Therapist 


Professional Development

Annual Special Education Training

Multi-Tiered System of Support: Development of a Plan and Implementation


Monitoring for Special Education

Parent Training

Dyslexia Training for Teachers and Parents

Training for New Special Education and General Education Teachers


Special Education Records Management Packages

Integrated Education Services can provide you back-office support to ensure that all monies are collected as per disability.   Federal and State mandates are listed in this package

ESS Data Management Reporting

Oct 1 Census Count

Census Count Reconciliation

ESS Parent Surveys

ESS School Outcomes

ESS Discipline Data

Teacher Attrition Report

File review for special education students


 azella screening and English Language Learner Programs

The Arizona English-Language Learner is a standards-based assessment that meets both state and federal requirements.  Integrated Education Services has evaluators to do the online and face to face testing two times per year to ensure success after students return to mainstream.

Integrated Education Services can assist with the development and progress monitoring through Individual Language Learner Programs (ILLIP).