Hearing & Vision

Hearing Screenings

hearing testThe Arizona Department of Health Service indicates that unless the parent or legal guardian objects and submits a statement of such objection, a public or private school shall administer a hearing screening, in accordance with the law for each student that comes within one of the following categories:

Vision Recommendations

In the State of Arizona, the minimum recommended vision screenings are listed as:

Children in the upper grade fourth through 6th

Other requirements for vision screening include:


Hearing: $5.50 per student

Vision: $5.50 per student

Rescreens: $ 5.50 per student

In order to offer this valuable service, schools must:

  1. Ensure that students are lined up and ready for screenings. Provide supervision for the students.
  2. Students should remove jewelry and hair bands for hearing assessment.
  3. We need a quiet room for hearing screenings.
  4. We need an area that we can post our vision chart at least 10 feet away from the student.

Our professional staff is fingerprinted, experienced with children of all ages.

Payment Terms

Payment is due in full within 14 days of the last screening date.

For any student that fails the screening, we will return to rescreen and provide the parents and school with resources for further services that maybe necessary to ensure that the student is able to function in an academic setting.