Accent Reduction Training

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What is Accent Reduction?

Accent modification is offered by certified speech-language pathologists, reading, and English Language Learning Teachers. These specialists are certified by various organizations including the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA), Voice & Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), and Accent Reduction Training Association (ARTA). Clients choose to receive Accent Reduction Training through a variety of modalities, workshops, seminars, classroom instruction, software, online lessons, via phone, via webcam, through books and recordings, and on a one-on-one basis. Each client chooses the modality that best suits his/her learning needs and schedule.

Why Do I Need Accent Reduction?

Our world is a global society. Professionals from outside the United States often discover that customers, patients, students, may have difficulty understanding their spoken words because of accent. Their knowledge and use of the English language may be exemplary; it is merely the accent that affects the listener’s understanding, not the language used.

Accent Reduction does not encourage English language learners to change or replace their native language. Accent Reduction Therapy addresses pronunciation exclusively.

How is Accent Reduction Training Delivered?

Our certified Accent Reduction Therapists employ the Compton-PESL program. The methodology begins with a pre evaluation. This is where the therapy starts. All English language learners are unique, there are no common mistakes. This method helps students from all linguistic backgrounds learn to speak clearly and concisely.

Accent Reduction Training is presented in person (one on one), or online through video conferencing. Accent Reduction Training is provided in your workplace, your home, or in our office.

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