Accent Reduction Online Services

Our Accent Reduction Program utilizes the Compton-PESL approach. All of our specialists have received certification through this organization.

Prior to participation in any P-ESL instructional program, clients must receive a recorded speech analysis using the Compton Phonologic Assessment of Foreign Accent. Each client must receive an individualized teaching program based on this recorded analysis.

All Clients will receive a second recorded speech analysis using the Compton Phonological Assessment of Foreign Accent as the conclusion of their program to establish their degree of improvement.

Our implementation process is designed to help maintain your unique cultural identity while removing language barriers of pronunciation in the English Language.

How does this program work?

Once we receive your email of interest in the program, we will send you a free screening link to your email address. This link will ask you to speak different words that will be recorded. After the recording of words is completed, the recording is accessed by the Accent Reduction Specialist.

The Specialist will listen to the speech errors and discuss the need of the individual service with you.

We offer month to month services. We do this to ensure that you are receiving the right amount of practice needed as per the data received from the assessment. Most of the clients we serve, take three months of accent modification courses.

The next step is to purchase one month or more month(s). This purchase can be made through our Paypal account.

Once the payment is received, our specialist will send you a link for a full assessment. This is also a recorded session and will be sent back to the therapist upon completion.

The specialist will analyze your pronunciations and develop a plan of 19 sounds that need to be adjusted.

Each week, both in person or online, our specialists will hold a session with the client to introduce and review sounds.

For rapid and long term language proficiency, clients must try to practice fifteen minutes a day at least five days a week. You will be asked to read aloud on your own, concentrating on key sounds and speech patterns that are most challenging for you.

What Do I Need to Take the Course?

You must have access to the internet via a computer or I Pad, Phone.

Camera must work on your computer.

Sound must work on your computer, headsets are advised.

We utilize for our online course.

For more information contact:

If you are interested in taking this class, please call us at 623-581-7400.