About IES

What is Integrated Education Services?

Simply stated, Integrated Education Services benefits humanity through the commitment of professional services. IES is trusted as a leader within the consulting community. Integrated Education Services maintains a solid business that works to benefit those we serve.

Together, Jayne Shaw and John Bauer began developing Integrated Education Services upon the inception of the Arizona Charter school movement many years ago. Collectively, Jayne and John have a half century of experience in charter school operations, education services, healthcare, wellness and special education.

For many years, the main driving force of Integrated Education Services was special education. During the previous years, Integrated Education Services added private services to our menu. IES private services assist people of all ages with a variety of skills necessary for success in work and life.


Who Are We?

We are a dedicated group of professionals with years of diversified experiences working with all ages. Our team of specialists’ has over a century of combined experience in education, healthcare, business, language services, accent reduction and mindfulness.


What Specific Services Do We Provide?


Private Services


Mindfulness is defined as a practice that will provide greater awareness of the unity of mind and body. Mindfulness can reduce stress and increase coping skills. It can help cultivate empathy for self and others.

We have been practicing mindfulness over the years with the young and old. We have noted observations of the improvement in self for those students that have attended our course and practiced diligently.

The practice will benefit anyone, anywhere.

Courses can be delivered individually online or in person. Generally, the class is for six weeks.

Mindfulness for Children/Adolescents

Mindfulness for Business Productivity

Mindfulness for Mommies

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

Mindfulness for Anxiety and PTSD

Mindfulness for Attention Deficit Disorders


Accent Reduction

As the global marketplace expands, a new branch of English learning related to English as a Second Language has become popular for English speakers that are proficient in English.

Our purpose is to assist our clients by decreasing their foreign accent for the intention of increasing the clarity of speech, and the pronunciation of specific words which could lead to increased earning potential in the U.S.

Our courses can be delivered online or in person, depending upon geographical location.


Online Programs

Speech and Language Telepractice

Telepractice is approved by the American Speech and Hearing Association. The practice is emerging speech and language service delivery model that allows students and adults to receive therapy services over the Internet from a certified speech-language pathologist.

The Research has shown that, from a clinical and patient satisfaction perspective, outcomes emulate those of traditional face to face sessions.


Mindfulness Online:

Mindfulness Online allows our customers to log in anytime to practice mindfulness. We also provide Mindfulness Programs to schools online for a morning or after school program practice.


Accent Reduction Online

Our certified accent reduction therapists will work with clients individually or in a group to assist with decreasing accents for the sole purpose of increasing earning potential in the United States.

Client’s professional backgrounds range from teachers of foreign decent to business professionals working in the United States.



We provide certified instructors to assist students from all ages with specific tutoring needs.

We employ math, science and special education teachers to assist with your students need.


What Makes Us Unique?

What makes us unique from our competition is our vast level of services, and the public to which we serve. Our cost structure is competitive with the special education competitors and other accent reduction organizations.

We put it all under one roof. If there is a service, we can’t provide, we will find you a resource.

Another unique quality that we bring is our level of education and experience. Our staff is certified and experienced in whatever service they provide. We developed cross training this year , for the purpose of our staff to spread out the knowledge will be able to provide more services than proviso the vast amount of services.

Our current customer base has contracted for services with our organization on an average of 15 years. This statement, we believe, holds a lot of trust and integrity of the services that we provide.